More Than Supply: The Fight For Affordable Housing In Canada

More than Just Supply: The Fight for Affordable Housing in Canada
with Martine August (University of Waterloo)

Central Branch, KFPL, 130 Johnson Street. Meet 1

As Canada’s affordable housing crisis intensifies, an increasingly common solution has been presented by politicians, developers, and economists – that we need to increase housing supply.
This lecture will offer a critical analysis of this claim which has captivated policy
inspired policy at both federal and provincial levels. A discussion of the factors driving affordable housing crisis will be discussed, including the rise of financialization – the acquisition of housing by financial firms and investors. Finally, a discussion of solutions to the housing crisis, supported by activists, advocates and academics, are proposed as alternatives to a focus on enhancing
the supply of market-rate housing.

Dr. Martine August is an Associate Professor in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo. Her research focuses on the political economy of housing and the pursuit of urban social justice. Her current research focuses on the financialization of real estate in Canada, including apartments, student housing, and seniors’ housing. She has worked previously as a housing policy advisor at the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and

Presented by Queen’s Studies in National and International Development (SNID) and Just Recovery Kingston.

This public event is free, and all are welcome! Masks are encouraged. For more information, please contact snid (at)

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