About us

Just Futures Kingston Principles

Fight for liberation, equity, and dignity for all

Climate action: shift to regenerative, sustainable systems (infrastructure, energy, water, food, community gardens, forests, habitats)

Decommodify the necessities of life: access to basic income, food security, affordable housing, transportation, utilities, physical and mental health care for everyone

Decolonize: ally with Indigenous peoples to realize Indigenous-led visions for decolonization

Democratize: deepen local democracy with those affected by policies having a meaningful say in those policies; engage those not usually involved by going to where they are in the community

Defund the Police: reallocate resources to mental health, housing, and the social determinants of health

Build global solidarity: work with movements struggling for equity across communities and borders

Terms of Engagement

The following are a set of rules and principles that we agree to abide by while pursuing the work of advocating for a more progressive and inclusive City. These terms of engagement exist to ensure that we treat each other with respect and dignity. Breaching these principles could result in a warning or being asked to leave a meeting. Persistent abuse of these principles may lead to expulsion from the coalition. The organizing team will work alongside coalition members to ensure that the terms of engagement are being respected and enforced.

  1. Be conscious of the space you occupy and ensure that you leave space for the contributions of others when engaging.
  2. This broad coalition’s primary purpose is to organize a diversity of progressive voices to address the City of Kingston’s budget process and priorities. This is not a platform to advance a specific political ideology or debate party politics.
  3. Do not discount the contributions and/or experiences of other members of the coalition and be respectful when engaging in open dialogue around complicated issues where there may be multiple perspectives.
  4. Understand your positionality when you engage with coalition members and how that affects your outlook on issues and priorities.
  5. We will, and should, vigorously discuss, debate and differ among ourselves, but we will be respectful, generous, and unified in the broader community. Our credibility in the broader community depends on us presenting a unified message once we have debated and decided upon a position as a coalition. This projection of unity will strengthen our message and ability to advocate effectively for systems-change.
  6. The coalition will employ a consensus-based decision-making approach. That means that once various ideas and positions have been discussed and debated, we will work to adopt a position that all constituents can support rather than moving forward with a simple majority.
  7. Be empathetic to the needs and accommodations that may be required by members of the coalition (Ex. Technological barriers, childcare needs, etc.)