Ongoing Projects

Housing – Increasing Affordability of Housing

Long term goal: All residents in Kingston have affordable and habitable housing with security of tenure.
Current goal:
 Researching and advocating for municipal policy change including exploring community land trusts, a renovictions bylaw and maximum heat bylaw.

Current Volunteer asks:

  • canvassing and tenant education
  • research on what other cities are doing
  • engaging local councillors

Transit – Expanding fare-free transit in Kingston

Long term goal: Fare-free, green, excellent transit for all in Kingston.
Current goal:
 Surveying Kingston resident transit usage patterns, obstacles to transit usage + expanding access to public transport in Kingston.
Current Volunteer asks:

  • Volunteers to reach out to networks to share the transit survey.
  • Volunteers for organizational support.

Gardens – Expanding access to community gardens on city land

Long term goal: A city that values and publicizes how community gardens and edible food forests on city-owned land contribute to climate action leadership, local food security/sovereignty, and justice for equity-seeking groups.
Current goal:
 A city where every resident, regardless of background or ability, has access to the space, support and education to be able to produce their own food.
Current Volunteer asks:

  • Volunteers to reach out to networks to share letter templates as part of campaign; reach out to councillors and lobby for increased recognition for the importance of community gardens.
  • Volunteers to map out local neighbourhood spaces suitable for urban agriculture to create an urban agriculture mindset in Kingston.
  • Volunteers to build gardening knowledge, education and mentorship about growing food in urban areas to increase inclusivity in gardening.