Kingston Transit/Access Bus survey


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  1. I haven’t used public transport in decades. I couldn’t answer a couple of the questions because there was no choice given that would allow a truthful answer. My email, which you do use regularly is as stated ~

  2. Living on a fixed income I find a $59 monthly pass expensive. In the wintertime, I travel almost daily, During Covid I didn’t travel on the bus at all because they were overcrowded and unsafe. They began well then started filling the buses so people were standing over you. Many with masks barely covering their noses.

  3. I really like the options that having transit provides. That being said, I don’t use the Kingston Access Bus, so I can’t speak for the quality/availability of that service.

    Reducing/eliminating the fare cost would likely help increase ridership amongst people in the Kingston area.

    More people using public transit = less people in cars = better w.r.t climate change, as well as likely increasing the quality of air within the Kingston area itself.

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